sunrizer or zeeon in drambo

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so i’m not skilled at making synths šŸ˜Ž but some of you can snap these things together in your sleep.

sunrizer is my fav synth, always has been always will, i love that thing, but it would but awesome to have a emulation of it in drambo...of course i can midi sequence sunrizer now... but something like it in drambo would be awesome to see!

so... if anyone wants to make it i’m just saying i’m totally down to use and abuse it šŸ˜Ž

zeeon wouldn’t be bad either as it is amazing, but if i had to pick id pick ye ol rizer of the sun šŸŒž


  • This would take an awful lot of time and in the end you'd have a monster project that is still not half as usable and fun as the real thing, apart from the different filters in Zeeon that are not available in Drambo.

    I thought about doing something like that when I got my Nord Lead 3 in 2001: Build a modular patch than could replace it.

    I gave up.

    Not because it's impossible but because the front panel offers a unique experience that cannot be replicated by any hardware controller better than by the machine itself.

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    I would say its quite easy to recreate most Sunrizer presets, but not Zeeon, that emulates analog filters and is optimized for that. One day these filters will be here :)

    Of course I'm talking about certain presets, not UI / UX.

  • yes, i imagine it would be difficult to recreate the entire synth , i guess just certain elements of sunrizer would really be great to have as a preset for a starting point. i love the osc and filters section on sunrizer... how easy it is to route the filters to run parallel or in sequence with just a touch of a button, i don’t know if it’s possible to build that type of button in drambo as i just make the music not the machines mostly but drambo has made it super fun to dip into piecing instruments together and i’ve caught the fever to learn.

    and the zeeon filters are are so juicy looking forward to that” some day “ šŸ˜Ž

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    hm, sunrizer or zeeon are made to be very flexible

    I feel like there is no point in recreating complex synthesizers that work well in lots of conditions in drambo

    its only a sound (or a bunch of sounds) that need to work well,

    why create lots of structure that I don't need for that sound just to pretend to be more flexible ...

    btw. you can recreate the modmorphwheel sunriser modulation thingy in drambo with the xy pad ;)

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    With Drambo midi out, it's just about as good as those synths inside, a least in my mind.

    You can also add knobs that send midi out for any controls you want to automate in them as well. There's nothing stoping you making a control rack that lets you mess with the synths from right inside Drambo. In fact ... think I'm gonna go off and do that right now. Thanks for setting up the remainder of the evening. šŸ˜Ž

  • It would be nice to have the Zeeon filter in Drambo, maybe as an IAP or a linked purchase like Korg Gadget.

  • I just open up Sunrizer or Zeeon as an AU in a Drambo track and call it a day. :)

  • If there was no way of using them as AUs in standalone or driving them within a host I’d say yes, why not try but if you already familiar with both apps’ interfaces you might just well use them as themselves. ;)

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