Help: midi monitor confusion

Take a look at the midi monitor. Would you think that you would hear anything but the first note?

strange thing is that all are audible. I actually expect this behavior due to the long gate length on the gate sequencer. Is the midi monitor just not showing reality?

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  • Just turn up the velocity knob on the Amp Env 😊

  • Ah ok, the velocity knob is attenuating the effect of the incoming velocity signal. Full left, the default position, the amp happily plays midi notes with a 0 velocity. That also explains why none of my noodling was velocity sensitive which was on the list of questions to ask.

    Why would the default be configured to essentially ignore incoming velocity? It might have been nice if the volume knob was visually tied to the V input. The few times I had looked at that knob I assumed the exact opposite behavior.

    I’ll just assume that there are cool use cases to be discovered for the midi-to-cv module generating anything for a note-on event with a zero velocity value.


  • It’s sort of normal in modular to have the velocity as a option you add to a source.

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    A note on with zero velocity is the same as a note off. It's part of the MIDI spec. So what you have there is a string of note-off messages. A lot of apps get very confused if there are more note-off's than note-on's, so this is a bad default.

  • @number37 That's right but when you translate a MIDI stream into the modular world, you get a gate, a pitch and a velocity signal. I consider the current behavior correct.

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    @rs2000 - so, for the probably 0.1% of users that use Drambo with modular that's a sensible default, but for the other 99.9% that use it with midi out to apps or hardware maybe not so much. mmmmmk. 😉

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    1?, 64? 100? 127? Doesn't really matter. Just not zero. That is exactly the same as a note-off per the midi spec.

    Actually, it makes more sense to me not to send any note-on or off if the velocity is zero. You could still send the CV, gate and/or trigger, but the midi note messages should not happen.

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    This doesn't make any sense to me? The current system works perfectly? It triggers other midi gear correctly also.

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    I can't explain it any better than I have.

    A midi note-ON message at zero velocity is the same thing as a midi note-OFF per the midi specification. Getting unmatched note-off messages can confuse certain apps (possibly hardware too, I don't know), and is incorrect midi behavior.

    If having incorrect midi behavior is acceptable, then fine. It doesn't matter to me in the least. I have nothing further to contribute to the topic.

    -peace 😎

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    The midi note output is normal on off note behavior with velocity.

  • @number37 I wouldn't call it incorrect MIDI behavior because it's in your hands to generate whatever you want. Add an offset to the CV signal that goes into the note generator or avoid zero Note-on values in the CV sequencer if you don't want this behavior.

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    Not if velocity is zero. I repeat: according to the midi specification note on at zero velocity = note off. It is no longer a note-on message if it is at zero velocity.

    Just correcting the record. I don't care about it personally, so last post from me on the topic (for real this time).

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    Actually what you are saying is incorrect to my understanding, the midi out module outputs midi note on/off and velocity correctly regardless of how you set the velocity on the AMP env.

    The midi note output module is not effected by the drambo modules in this manner.

    hoping this is good news for you sir.

  • @TheInvisibleMan I think @number37's point was to change the Note Generator in a way that it never sends Note-on messages with velocity=0 on a rising edge of the gate input, even if it's fed a velocity signal that is zero.

    This might be debatable - my take on it is that I prefer modules that do exactly what I'm telling them 😉

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    it has no effect to the midi note data coming out of drambo. So the midi out protocol is adeared to.

    the Midi note on /off Output message are correct

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