Thoughts on quick sequence value adjustments

I’m not doing requests so it’s not a request.

Tap track header in step mode without selecting step previously draws this.

Here’s an idea.

In the case of multiple MIDI notes, the rule could be relative scale down or average, anyway. There’d be a solution. Steps absent of notes would be ignored.

Quickly adjusting these values across the whole sequence isn’t a strong point. I’m sure this isn’t a new idea but I dunno, thought I’d throw it out there.


  • I love it!!!

    Add a forth pitch tab and a piano scale and I'm in 😊

  • This would fill my heart with joy :).

  • This is quite similar to what Gadget does

  • I haven’t explored Gadget but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s also something Geist/Geist 2 does (which is very good), essentially uses lanes to write values. It’s I think a fairly standard solution for good reason. Being able to change the entire sequence of velocity (or whatever) values with a single swipe is a joy.

    I don’t see it taking over or competing with tabs, the two methods compliment each other. It’s like big picture vs detailed tweaks. You don’t start with detailed tweaks.

  • This could be a good template for future automation editing. If that ever happens.

  • While I like the idea to edit all velocities with a simple swipe I’m not sure how this would work for chords.

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    Like @SpartanClownTide wrote:

    "In the case of multiple MIDI notes, the rule could be relative scale down or average, anyway. There’d be a solution. Steps absent of notes would be ignored."

    Step component editing would still allow for individual velocity adjustment but in 95% of the cases, the quick relative group adjustment would certainly work.

    Although like many others I'm totally used to piano rolls, I think @SpartanClownTide's suggestion would be a better fit to Drambo's concept.

  • @giku What do you think about this concept suggested by @SpartanClownTide?

    Add a note grid to the Vel/Gate/Offset tabs and we're almost there 😊

  • @SpartanClownTide damn, this is an excellent idea. Especially love that it fits right in where there's an empty space in the UI :-)

  • Yes, I think it’s quite logical, having an overview on the track header. As in it doesn’t surprise, nobody’s going to tap that and think why the hell’s that there. A criticism which isn’t entirely unjustified and I don’t think is going away is that adjusting these sequencer parameters is, well, too much work, or too fiddly. It’s literally only a second tap to reach the parameter on the step you’d want to change but times 16 or whatever and suddenly it’s not so streamlined. I’ll admit to occasionally wanting to throw a CV sequencer onto a track to deal with dynamics. Like I said, I don’t see it taking over or detracting from the step modules but working together. Overview Vs details. Anyway it’s up to @giku, it’s just a thought.

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    Value editor panels are planned, but the path will be different, it will be available via EDIT mode and work with minimized sequencer as well.

    Edit panel will be an entry point for all extended editors, Steps/components editor will be moved there.

  • This makes sense. I was guessing there’d be a master plan in the works 😀

  • Thanks for your engagement and the picture!

    Edit mode is ready for more extensions, even a piano roll ( ;) ( did I say this?)

  • piAnO rOLL ... is that.. no.. surely there must be an offering to the gods to atone for such sacrilegious talk..

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    No piano roll please.

    why are we added more and More new functions? I prefer to have the existing functions improved, like havIng a true overdub on the sequencer and the sampler/recorder. These thing will help make Drambo more fun. Also the flexi sampler clicks and pops.

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    @TheInvisibleMan It will be just an invisible option, that you may ignore. (non affecting existing workflow at all)

    I don't like p-rolls as well, but its a natural consequence: values editor, components editor, NOTES editor (automation etc)..

  • If you dont like p-rolls you shouldn’t add one. It only natural to add if you wanna make something like a DAW

  • A piano roll style note entry would be the perfect enhancement of the existing sequencer, making it much more useful. It doesn't have to be a bells and whistles solution a la Logic Pro (maybe that's what you have in mind?), just something that allows for fast polyphonic and note group editing.

    Not everybody has the same workflow (some love trackers, some love piano rolls) and sequencers are a very sensitive matter to many, believe me, I have gone through a number of conceptual discussions with developers of other iOS sequencing apps including users feedback and if users don't get along well with a certain workflow, they usually won't invest too much time learning it and rather use something else instead.

    The fact that people have started using Drambo as a sequencer inside AUM shows how important it is, and it would be even better with a note entry and editing method that they are used to.

    I find it much better not to be forced into a very specific way of doing things, especially when it comes to the creative process, and that's what we have during composition.

    If I understand @giku correctly, you will still be able to use the sequencer as it is now, only that people coming from the classic piano roll approach will feel much more at home with the new way of entering and editing notes.

    No worries, I'm sure both can coexist and I'd be surprised if the new options wouldn't be useful even for many users that have been using the current sequencer for a while.

  • I’m starting a new thread on this for visibility, I’m sure it will roll on..

  • Not everybody has the same workflow (some love trackers, some love piano rolls) and sequencers are a very sensitive matter to many,

    +1 for a tracker module!!! 😂🤣😎

  • @number37 If you're into numbers, you can always sequence your tracks by editing the .drproject XML file 😁

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