Export preset folders

Any plans to introduce the ability to export entire folders/libraries? I’m anal when it comes to backing up to the cloud and Drambo isn’t available in the Files app.


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    There's a beta version in the making that will soon add WebDAV support.

    This will not only let you access the complete Drambo user folder from a desktop (Win, Mac, *nix) machine but it will also be accessible by an iOS app that supports WebDAV.

    I'm using Readdle Documents to "mount" Drambo and use its comfortable file browser for accessing and copying, renaming, moving or zipping files and folders.

  • This is very good news.

    Obviously Files would be the easiest, without the need for additional software, but I'll take whatever I'm given.

  • It was in there, but in one of the iOS updates, Apple moved WebDAV support from Files to their individual apps.

    I have no idea why they did that.

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