1,848 module project - I think I broke D

(127 note filters, 13 transpose modules, 13 midi mixers, 1 midi output ) X 12 tracks

In Aum with an additional FM op on each track my dsp was about 95%. Without the FM ops it brought it down to about 67%. Side effects were: scene mode would switch itself off repeatedly, and significant lag when scrolling left/right through a track and when triggering scenes.

The project is a super key signature transposer, but I think I may need to limit the number of key signatures per project, or find a more efficient solution.

Just thought I'd share as I didn't realize how many modules I'd racked up - or that a single instance of Drambo could ever bring my iPad to its knees 😅


  • Wow. Good to know that's even possible 😅

    So you've built a touching robot who creates such monster patches?

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    Built a 127 midi filter monster rack with transpose for each of the 12 notes. Had scenes controlling modal transposition. Copy/pasted that to 11 other tracks. Idea was to have each track represent 1 of the 12 major keys, allowing transposition of any input key, to any output key or mode. Waaay to much processing going on though - everything was lagging.

    Need to rethink my approach - but the last two times I opened Drambo I got crashes about 5 minutes in.

    the current roadblock I’m at is how to generate a static or modulatable pitch CV without data from the track input / track midi. Any ideas @rs2000 or @bcrichards ?

    Also Ben, that note offset CV seq from your SP rack is awesome. Using it in my current project to great success.

  • @aleyas What exactly do you want to do with the CV signal?

    A simple knob will send a static CV signal, modulation can be done via the Amp or Scale module, quantisation by help of the Scale module...

  • Just a little idea for a different approach: Only cover one octave in processing and add the octave difference back at the end of the module chain. Will require a number of MIDI Note Generators and a MIDI Mixer module at the end. Not sure if this will work but at least I was able to selectively transpose notes...

    (incomplete but a larger screenshot would be unreadable)

  • @aleyas nice, thanks! For pitch outside of track input, use a pitch module and disconnect the pitch input. The. Set the note manually. Then wire up as many midi note generators as you need, a midi mixer to combine them, and then a midi to cv (or midi output). You can leave the gate input for the rack alone, or set it to something else (you can do latched chords this way, just set gate to knob).

  • @aleyas just curious if you have looked at the scale selector project I uploaded to patchstorage, I don’t think it was too heavy of a project but it left a lot of room for extension. Maybe you could merge some of the ideas from yours and mine together. Key wasn’t a big cpu killer because it used just a few pitch modules.

    it also may not do exactly what you need, or do it well, and in that case disregard :)

  • Cool thanks guys. I’m gonna try both of your suggestions once I get back home.

    Well, the reason I want a static pitch is because I want to use midi notes to trigger different steps of a cv sequencer using Ben’s config.. each step would modulate a transpose module to produce a different mode of the major scale. But I also need to reserve the track’s midi input for external midi, meaning I can’t use the keyboard midi or track’s input to trigger the sequencer. So I was thinking, 8-12 static pitch cvs, triggered by a ‘trig’ module, controlling a cv sequencer to control a transpose module. ill record a progress video tonight for a clearer picture.

    I haven’t tried your scale selector project yet. I’ll definitely download that to study what you’ve done.

  • sounds like this might be a little beyond what project does :O that’s a big undertaking!

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