Expanding an rack containing another rack will take all internal racks out of compact view

Expanding a rack containing another rack/s will expand the internal racks as well.

Example: I have 1 midi rack containing 4 additional midi racks. I set the 4 internal racks to compact view, then I set the main rack to compact view - everything as expected. But when I expand the main rack, then all 4 internal racks become expanded out of their previous compact view as well.

It would be better if the internal racks preserved their previous state of being compact. Expanding everything at once unleashes the chaos of hundreds of modules and a lot of scrolling.


  • This has been requested already.

    You can use Misc => Section to fold and unfold persistently inside racks.

  • Doh, yeah now I see it just a few threads down. That’ll teach me to double check before reporting next time!

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