“Cross modulation” (a la Bleass Alpha or Roland...)


I was curious if anyone had attempted to implement cross modulation between oscillators in Drambo. It came up in the discussion regarding the Swarmatron, but I was interested in attempting to implement it in a “simple” subtractive synth I am designing for myself (and obviously will share if I ever finish it!).

The fist question I need to answer, of course, is wtf do I mean by cross-modulatoin. :D I was thinking something along the lines of the cross-mod in Bleass Alpha or on some Roland synths. Looks like it might be Ring Mod? Anyone know what the Bleass cross-mod is actually doing...?

Thanks in advance! Drambo pwns. :)



  • @rs2000 Dude. RTFPS.* I should have known to check there first. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    ...still going to have a phone discussion about cross-mod circuits on the way to get the kids, though.

    *Read the Fcuking Patch Storage :)

  • 😄 You're welcome!

  • You can get some really cool inter-voice modulations if you use a poly to mono module and then do frequency modulation, ring mod, amp mod etc.

  • Turns out (exponential) FM is more musically useful to my ears. There are some sweet spots with cross-mod, but overall it’s too noisy for me...

    thanks for posting that patch, though, @rs2000... on to trying Mirage for some (hopefully) tasteful grit

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    X-mod is rather cheap to build in hardware, and cost was certainly an issue when building an 8-voice synth, especially for a company like Roland that has a history of designing hardware circuits as cheap as possible while achieving the desired result.

  • Can we get a demo? Not sure I follow but you sure spiked my interest

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