Tap tempo, more precise and wider bpm range

Mostly requested already (some of them from the previous AB beta group) but I'll try to merge the requests into one:

  • Tap tempo to set the bpm after 2 or 4 taps.
  • Tap tempo can be MIDI mapped (and helps synchronizing with apps that don't have MIDI clock by sending CC or notes on dummy tracks)
  • BPM presicion increase to two decimals (like 999.99)
  • BPM range increase to 0.01 .. 999.99
  • Swing range increased from 50..99% to 1..99% and percentage shown next to "Swing" text
  • A few alternative metronome sounds with level and pitch adjustment for on- and off-beat sounds

Did I forget anything? Please comment!


  • I guess abelton link belongs into the same category.

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