Mute groups

Are there any obvious solutions to mute groups other than using voice stealing?

I’m quietly guessing that voice stealing is how mute groups work 😬


  • Sure, you can also do it with some logic and maths but do you really want that?


  • No, I'm just like my 9 year old daughter, when I hear maths I first raise my voice, then run for cover!

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    Since you’re here @rs2000


    I am quite confused about the number of voices. I normally just add midi to cv modules until stuff works but TBH I don’t understand why do I need another midi to cv within the instrument rack module.

    I’ve built this and at least according to my logic it should work. The first sampler contains all the other drum samples and the second one only open and closed hi hat samples. When I played the kit it seemed to work but then I’ve noticed that sometimes kick cuts out the open hihat sound so I’m back in the confused state. What am I doing wrong?

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    Ha, in fact I've recently stumbled over other voice allocation issues, some may be due to my own poor knowledge about voice allocation (I should discuss this more with @giku), some are clearly bugs.

    Anyway, can you send me the project including the drum sequence you've used?

    Edit: Try removing the first MIDI to CV module.

  • I’ve tried removing the first midi to cv but no dice.

    I will need to build this using local samples and then I will send it to you. Cheers

  • hm, the purpose is choke groups?

    drambo is really missing simple choke groups per track.

    Ill add it to the feature wishlist

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    Do you mean choke groups within one track, choke groups across tracks, or both?

    I would like global choke groups. Specifically, to be able to assign a sampler module (or maybe any module?) on any track to one or more of a set of global choke groups. So, if the samplers are both on one track or on different tracks, they will still choke each other.

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    across tracks

    so I guess Im going for global mode

    (having it on one track is pretty simple, just use 1 voice and trigger different samples with different midi notes for example, or some other trickery based around the one voice thing)

    hm, so let me explain why this doesn't really work for me (why this isnt a good workflow)

    if I do it on one track I always have to reorientate myself (wtf did I do here, what triggers what here, ...)

    with a real choke group

    its come back to project, just press trigger pad, press other pad, ok this cuts that, go on with your day (no need to look around what's going on) :)

    (thats why having it across tracks is important, it makes much less thinking overhead in my head)

    quick, quick, quick :)

  • I think the way I described would work both ways, and not involve what you have to do now to choke on the same track. It would be completely flexible.

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