Multiple p-locks with different step conditions on single step

So what I want to do is put a „once condition“ on one p-lock (ramp up volume) and a „cycle condition“ on another p-lock (some modulation stuff, e.g. filter cutoff) both on a single step. Since all p-locks are merged into one component in the steps view I‘m stuck.

Is it even possible? Is there a workaround?


  • P-locks on separate tracks. Put a knob or something on an empty track above. Have that modulate the module on the track below. P-lock the knob or whatever on the new track.

  • Thanks @SpartanClownTide that’s pretty much what I came up with, after I wrapped my head around it. Though I might have to use another instance, because I‘m running out of tracks on my current project. 😑

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