Showing notes on the piano on the active step

When holding down my finger on a certain step, I would expect the notes associated with this step to light up on the piano. Instead, I have to go to the step page, where I visually can't see the notes (rather, I just have to read the note names). I think it would be much more convenient if I could see and edit the notes directly on the piano, preferably that they were lightened up in green (the same color that the step that I'm pressing down has).


  • I have requested exactly this several times and I hope it will be added soon. It's one of the restrictions that keeps me from writing more songs inside Drambo.

    It feels like doing maths instead of music πŸ˜‰

  • Interesting


  • yes, plus one

  • edited June 29

    Another option would be to have a general purpose small display which can show notes or chords. This display could be multi purpose and show many things depending what you are pressIng and which mode you are in.

    notes, chords, knob values, step number etc...


  • Its on the list

  • Welcome back my friend 🍺🍺😊

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