Track receives on all MIDI channels although a specific channel is selected

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I just tried to emulate MIDI controlled sequencer steps to improve the sequencer behavior but iOS Accessibility Switch Control still forwards MIDI data to Drambo and this way, by coincidence, I've found that the Track MIDI channel selection does not work.

No matter if I select "ANY" or one of 1..16, the track will always receive MIDI data from all channels so it will not only record notes played on the keyboard on channel one but also incoming control data on channel 14.


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    this was broken in the past and the boss fixed it in a update.

    Funny its down again. ill confirm later also.

  • @TheInvisibleMan Do you remember in which version it was fixed? Can't find it in the release notes.

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    it works for me when i try say rozetta on channel 6 and a hardware synth on channel 2. The drambo track can filter.

    maybe if you try multiple AU synths there is an issue. This wasn’t checked by me at the time.

    some au synths like shapesynth seems to midi output on all midi channels. In this case of course drambo cannot filter on the track.

    I ask the boss if he could have a midi track with AUM like filtering but he thought i was bit mad i seem to remember 🙁

  • FYI: I'm working in Drambo standalone.

    Beatstep connected over USB and sending on MIDI Ch 14, Keystep connected via Bluetooth and sending on MIDI Ch 1.

    In iOS Accessibility settings, I've built a Drambo recipe with 16 gestures that are simple sequencer taps on the 16 individual steps, each "step tap gesture" is mapped to the respective Beatstep pad.

    The track is set to receive on MIDI channel 1 and the Beatstep pads are perfectly tapping on the sequencer steps but the step records the notes both from the Keystep and from the Beatstep although the latter sends on MIDI Ch 14.

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