choke groups per track

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as the title says

trallala on track 1 mutes trallala on track 2 if there is some audio on it ...

think HH choke group

I could do this with a little module trickery on one track but nope that isnt sexy.

this is supposed to be obvious, quick and simple :)


  • Meanwhile...

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    i dont know,

    drambo seems to be the only drumsampler in the universe without choke groups.

    i dont want to come up with trickery and workarounds. ;)

  • The sequencer and sampler side needs work, simple built in choking would be great.

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    Woah. I just stepped into Drambo. To learn there are no choke groups adds to the list of numerous work arounds. For now I use Drambo for effects till it developes a bit more into what could be the best.

  • You say its a drumcomputer? ;)

    You may use just sampler .. to choke 2 samples e.g. close hh on C3 open hh on D3 .

    I haven't found a clear solution for that in this context. (modular)

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    What if there was a module similar to the mixer module where you could add other channels to it? Signal received on any one of the channels would mute the others.

    I'm guessing that would be tricky to get right with detecting audio signals being the driver, so it would have to be receiving a trigger from the upstream channels maybe? Sorry, I probably haven't thought this through very well. But the way it would look and operate seems good from a Drambo/Modular perspective to me.

  • I don't know if this is what you're looking to do. I had to look up choke groups to see what they were... But anyway, this is what I came up with for building choke groups on a single track....


    Using a layer mixer you can use a Midi Note filter on each layer to trigger a Midi to CV gate from a set keyboard key (different key for each layer). This "internal" Midi to CV module will only send a gate signal when triggered by the Midi Note Filter.

    The S&H module on the layer, has its gate controlled by a single Midi to CV module that is external to the Layer Mixer. This external gate will send a gate signal on every key-press.

    Build this configuration on as many layers as you need. A different instrument on each layer.

    On every key-press... All the S&H modules on each layer will simultaneously check to see if the gate on their layer is open or closed. Each S&H will "remember" the gate status of its own layer. The Amp module on each layer is configured to open only when the instrument on its layer is triggered via the Midi Note Filter.

    The result... The last played instrument layer will sound, while simultaneously muting the all the other layers.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • Thanks! I updated my module Drambotonic Multi with a choke group for hihats using this tip 😊

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    I found a new solution to my choke woes that works pretty well. I wanted it so that whenever my closed hihat was playing audio, the open hihat would not play.

    This takes in the CH audio signal, rectifies it so all audio values are positive and offsets so that non-audible decay does not have a positive value. It then ANDs the signal so there is a value of 1 whenever there is playback. Lastly, a low-pass filter is used so the control signal is continuous and a bit smoother.

    I have this then hooked up to my open hihat, both attached to a midi chance module (to stop triggering) and a decay module (to kill playing notes)

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