Fader UI element

I would love a Fader GUI element. Just like the knob UI element but a fader (vertical/up-down).

anyone else? :D


  • Sure! And I'm happy to repeat my requests too:

    • A module with 3 horizontal faders
    • A module with one vertical fader
    • A module with 3 knobs that can be modulated
    • A module with 3 trigger buttons that can be set to toggle and momentary
    • A Flip Flop module with reset and one input routed+switched to two outputs
    • An X/Y pad with MIDI control of X/Y/Z and Z output (touch: Z=1, release: Z=0)
    • A performance panel with macro knobs and buttons
  • A fader will be added to upcoming beta/build.

  • @rs2000 It needs that layer for sure, still thinking on this.

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