Drambo - 8 outs, patching help?

Hi there! I’m trying to find an answer but failing badly!

can someone explain how 8 outs works, and an example of routing for this?

eg using AUM? Or Cubasis?



  • Answering for AUM. I don’t believe Cubasis supports multi-out. At least I can say that for sure about Cubasis 2 anyway...

    1. Add an instance of Drambo (8-outs) as an audio instrument in an AUM track.
    2. The default template should open up with 8 tracks each assigned to its own output. The Drambo track will output on this AUM track. The rest will not sound yet.
    3. Add a new AUM channel, but this time tap **Multi-Bus Audio Unit Instances**, then “Drambo (8 outs) @A1”, or similar.
    4. You’ll see a Drambo instance with a 2 and a down arrow to the left of it. Drambo track-2 will output on this AUM channel.
    5. Repeat ... you’ll see a 3 and down arrow, output will be track 3, etc.

    The routing is flexible. You can change the output bus number for tracks in Drambo by tapping on the track header and selecting the output. So, you can have tracks one through three all on Ext. 1 if you choose. You can also make changes to which AUM channels process which Ext. out by tapping the number with the down arrow in AUM.

    Kinda too rushed to do up screenshots for you right now. Hopefully that will give you the idea.

  • Thank you so much. That’s an awesome help.

    i had already tried it and wondered why I could hear one track already but not the others.

    its a little confusing that the AUM channel that hosts Drambo automatically outputs Drambo output 1. I would have thought it more logical to have a dummy channel to host multi-out Drambo and then manual routing for each output on subsequent channels.

    very powerful stuff indeed.

    this may be related - but there is a module called ‘audio out’. Is this in any way similar? Say, routing a channel from a non-multi out project?

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    Can you convert a standard Drambo project into a multi out project?

    e.g. 8 standard tracks converted to 8 multi out tracks 1-8?

    or would I have to work in AUM right from the start?

  • I don’t think there’s much difference. Seems like it’s the host does most of the multi route handling its just Drambo multi out exposes outs to the host. At least that’s what I think is happening.

    in fact I’m not sure whether there might be a case to keep only Drambo multi route and do away with the standard version entirely? I wonder if there’s increased cpu usage in the former?

  • @jameslondon74 and @supadom

    For relevance, copying this from AB where I was responding to James.

    A major difference between using 8x individual instances and 1 multi-out is modulation between tracks. 

    In Drambo signals flow from left to right, but also from top to bottom. This means that track 8 could potentially receive modulation, midi, or audio from any of the preceding tracks 1-7.

    Therefore, 8x instances of Drambo ≠ 1 multi out instance.. that's because signals can not be routed between separate instances, whereas they can be routed in a single multi-out project.. this inter-track modulation IS reflected and preserved with multi-out.

    For example - a kick drum from track 1 can be routed to a transient detector on track 2. This transient detector could send a gate signal to a CV sequencer on track 2 which steps through the pitch of a high-hat sample. The high-hat could then be routed to a waveguide on track 3 which has an amp envelope triggering from trigs from its own track sequencer. And so on and so forth, signals can cascade from track 1 to track 2, all the way down subsequent tracks till track 8. That would be simply impossible using 8x different instances.

    I'm thinking I'll try to record a demo of some applications like this, or some parallel processing examples.

  • This might explain why it didn’t seem to make a difference to me as I don’t do any vertical audio routing, not even as much as sidechain compression. 

    It makes sense though. I wonder if routing a parallel signal in track settings vertically as well as to a separate channel might be possible? Might cause gain increase in some cases I guess but likely solvable via careful balancing? 

    Sorry more questions than answers, I haven’t tried it yet. 😇

  • @supadom said:

    ... in fact I’m not sure whether there might be a case to keep only Drambo multi route and do away with the standard version entirely? I wonder if there’s increased cpu usage in the former?

    I think the problem there is it would break every host session that used the original version. (Talking about AUM, Cubasis, etc. sessions, not Drambo projects here).

  • I’m just musing. I’m sure @giku will have a good plan ;)

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