Setting Amp Slider Values?

I’m hoping I’m missing some feature for how to set value on the amp sliders? I find it very difficult to dial in a specific value and unlike the knobs I can’t seem to use horizontal drag to fine adjust.


  • I agree, horizontal fine adjust and double-tap for entering a precise number should be a available for all numerical controls.

  • I like a horizontal fine adjust also.

  • Anyone know if there has been an update on this? It makes setting slider values extremely difficult when you can’t type in a value or fine adjust (to the point where I end up not using drambo because I get so frustrated with it)

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    I like to see a slightly finer adjustment on sliders/knobs indeed.

    on the ENV attack you wanna get that adjustment where the sound doesnt pop, that super fine adjustment is a little lacking.

  • Or even better: Make ENV time adjustments logarithmic (well, exponential in fact) so we don't even need this fiddly type of control and the sliders feel more natural.

    The same applies to delay times.

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    speaking of the sliders, it would be great if they also had a bipolar option. The middle of the slider would be 0 (with maybe a small indicator line like the knobs). I know the throw would be short, but sometimes you don’t need precision, just quick access.

    I’m currently using the graphic shaper to get bipolar responses out of the slider fwiw, but it would be convenient if it was baked in (that way they could default to 0/middle)

  • Ok value popover will be added in upcoming v

  • You're right. Maybe I was expecting an "even more exponential" behavior. Don't worry.

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