Humanise sequencer but not keyboard input

I was very happy to discover the humanise module and started using it a lot to get out of repetitiveness of looped compositions. However I’ve noticed that it also affects the notes from the keyboard which now thinking of it I don’t find surprising.

I’d love to be able to use humanise without it affecting notes played live as it makes playing a sloppy and terrible experience, obviously. Any ideas how to make it works without the need to use p locks etc?


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    not at home to try, but maybe you could use 2 tracks to accomplish this. Say your instrument is on track 2 - humanize the input of track 2, and put a midi mixer after the humanizer module. Route midi from track 1 to the midi mixer on track 2. make sure that midi on tracks 1 and 2 is set to receive ‘always’. This should work because the midi from track 1 is getting mixed after the humanizer

  • made a mistake. Track 2 wouldn’t be set to ‘always’. Would need to filter out your live playing on that track by selecting the appropriate receive channel. That way when you’re jamming in track 2, you’d still be able to direct live midi into it via track 1, bypassing the humanizer module.

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    Can't the Midi Humanizer module just be disabled when its not needed?

    But yes, it makes sense not to humanize incoming midi when playing live, but at other times it's nice to have, such as when processing midi from another app. Maybe an option on the humanizer module makes sense, but for me enabling and disabling it as needed is fine.

  • Fwiw I tested it and it works fine. Had a sequence running on track 2 with heavy humanization, but was able to play on top of it without being affected by that module. Only caveat is that it requires 2 tracks.

    What this does is allow you to pipe in midi from a separate track/s to a midi mixer, which bypasses the humanizer module.

  • Great thanks!! I’ll try it later, sorry I wasn’t online for a while.

  • Yes @Aleyas, that’s a decent idea but unfortunately this would mean losing a track just for that. It would also mean that for 4 instruments one would need another 4 triggering tracks which seems wasteful, unless I didn’t understand your idea correctly.

    I ended up creating a midi rack with humaniser and chance modules and assigned a physical button to turn it on and off as needed.

  • But.....

    I’ve been trying to apply a single humaniser module to several tracks placed at the beginning (far left) of the main track and connecting all track’s midi to it but it doesn’t seem to be working. Any advice on that gentlemen?

  • @supadom

    is there a sequence on the main track, or is any midi being sent to that main track? Midi or sequence data would need to be present on the main track to pass through the humanizer module and eventually onto subsequent connected tracks midi inputs.

    I think I have another idea for your original question, I’ll try it when I get home and report back if it works.

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    There isn’t any information on the main track.

    I was basing my assumptions on a scenario where one can connect each track’s midi to the main rack’s midi to be able to control selected track’s pitch using main track’s keyboard in real time as opposed to sequencer notes.

    Sorry if my description is confusing I’m still working out midi routings and Drambo nomenclature. :)

    I’m curious about your new idea.

  • Just realised that my idea makes no sense. 😇

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    let’s look at what it randomizes

    velocity, gate, (and note offset/delay)

    velo and gate are definitely part of the (now altered) midinote sent to what ever ...

    hm, if u use the mute function you can turn of modules

    so mute humanizer if you want to play live and not from seq ?

    if I understand you right that was the problem?

  • Yes @lala this is exactly what I ended up doing ie turning off the humaniser modules. It works.

    I have a similar problem with midi chance though.

    During live jamming I often have it decreased to make the recorded beat less busy. I have it assigned to an expression pedal and I go 50% or whatever so it randomly excludes some midi notes, which is great. That means that I cannot play the instrument that is affected by chance module because it indiscriminately works great on both sequencer and keyboard input. I wish those two had separate routings.

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