Midi control Drambo patterns to make a song mode.


I want to be able to change patterns on Drambo using midi so that I am able to build songs in AUM and also sync two incidences of Drambo.

I have tried using midi learn on the pattern triggers but I can't seem to make it work smoothly.

Any ideas?




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    I've been sequencing Drambo patterns and its worked out pretty ok. Make sure you are on the latest update, there was a bug with pattern select midi mappings being saved. You may want to enable/disable "Instant pattern switch" in settings depending on how you are doing the sequencing.

    I've actually been sequencing Drambo from inside itself, using the Gate+Velocity Sequencer to send midi CCs. I then loop them back into Drambo with Aum (midi loopback). It works really well and keeps the different "pattern chains" inside my project. You can even map mutes to so that you can enable different chains using a midi controller.

    It can get extra wild because you can have multiple chains going at once, and can use the delay module to offset the sequence timing (you'll need instant pattern switch on for this). Allows for some pretty varied blending of patterns, and Drambo handles it EXTREMELY well. Its a bit weird of a setup, but in some ways its a better song mode than most other gear I've ever used. Very good in a live context.

  • Huh, I will look to see if I need to update, I would defo feel a bit stupid if that was the case ha.

    I am excited to try this tonight! Fingers crossed.

    Thank you so much!

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    I recall @giku mentioning eventual support for internal loopback the other month - I hope that's still on the table!

    Fwiw, I also tried loopback with AUM to do pattern chaining, and it worked reasonably well. When I tried to go more complex with routing midi messages back to learned parameters and sequencing the scenes, there was some pretty crazy lag though. But I get this is outside the product description for the time being ;)

  • I haven't had any lag issues myself and have used loopback pattern sequencing a fair number of times (on an iPad Pro 2017 & 2018). Heck, I've gone to the point of changing patterns multiple times per step (which gets kind of random with what triggers) and its not lagged on me. But I've only been doing loopback of the patched selection param so maybe with a bunch more params things get bogged down?

  • Yeah, it was just when I started routing CCs and other midi to different parameters, and trying to sequence the scene pads that things became laggy. But like you said, pattern sequencing alone works quite well!

  • Oh yea, I've definitely noticed that the pads can be pretty laggy, hopefully they'll get optimized at some point!

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