How to reset the gate / velocity / CC sequencers after Arp triggering?

Hi all,

I've built a key-triggering sequencer using:


It works fine when I press a key, the arp keeps the MIDI CV firing into the sequencer, and it continues for as long as I'm holding down the key.

BUT - when I take my finger off the key, the sequencer stops at a particular point (perhaps, midway), and doesn't reset again. So that when I press the next key, the sequencer continues where it left off.

How can I reset the sequencer when I take my finger off the key?



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    The secret lies in the time signal that you feed into the Gate/Vel sequencer.

    It's basically a slowly rising sawtooth waveform controlling the sequencer position.

    Monitor the time signal using the Oscilloscope module and make sure the signal starts from CV=0 when hitting the key again.

    As soon as you connect the seq. clock input, sequencer steps will be advanced by the clock signal rather than by the time input.

    Anyway, if you want to save some brain cell energy you can also simply connect the seq. reset input to the first MIDI2CV gate output like I'm showing here:

    Watch the colors of the signal inputs.

  • You beautiful man. That worked perfectly thank you.

  • @jameslondon74 You're welcome 😊

  • Out of interest, how come in need two midi to CV modules? Why can’t I just plug reset into the single one?

    dies it have to something to do with why the arp module goes before its Midi CV module?

  • @jameslondon74 It's because you need two different gate signals:

    One that represents key presses and one that triggers with the Arp frequency.

    That was my easiest way of doing it.

  • Well it worked! Just wanted to understand further. Cheers.

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