Drambo into AUM: multi out vs splitting the project manually?

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I have created a nice 6 track loop in a standard Drambo project, and I now want to feed each separate track into a separate channel in AUM.

whats the easiest / quickest way? Can I ‘convert’ a Drambo project into a multi-out project? Do I even need multi out? (I can simply load a saved project into each channel and delete unwanted tracks, leaving one track per channel)



  • You can load a multi out instance, open the project, then route each track to the appropriate multi-out destination (tap on the Track header on the main track view).

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    But what if it’s not already a multi out Drambo project? (I made it in a standard non-multi our project)

  • You need to save the original drambo project first so you have back up.

  • Then just replace the au instance with multi out version, load the drambo project. Then just change the track outputs to ext 2 , 3 etcc

    add more drambo multi outs

  • @bcrichards did you ever make a video on this process? Not sure if you have the time or energy but it be nice to have your clear instructions via YouTube?

  • Sorry man you’ve lost me. What am i doing in what app?

    so far I’ve tried to load a Drambo project and change tracks to EXT1, 3 etc, but it won’t let me.

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    You have AUM projects and drambo projects

    within AUM you can still save you drambo project, I want to make sure you have saved your drambo project not just the AUM project.

    if you saved the drambo project just remove the Au instance and replace with the au multi out drambo instance. Then load the drambo project within that au instance.

    then Change the track outputs and add more au ‘multi outs ‘drambo instances according to the amount of separate outputs you want.

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    Ok I’ve cracked it. It’s slightly more complicated than I thought.

    you DONT need a multi out project in Drambo. It can be any project.

    1. open AUM, load Drambo onto channel 1 and open any project, whether it’s Multi out or not.
    2. on AUM channel 2, 3, etc, load multi out instances of drambo
    3. back on the first ‘master’ instance of Drambo on AUM channel 1, change each Drambo track to be assigned the appropriate EXT OUT in the track settings.

    whats clever is that Drambo seems to detect that you’ve created multi out instances of itself, and allows you to choose Multi out in track settings. My mistake was to try and do this before I’d loaded multi out instances in AUM.


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    I Don’t think it’s complicated really

  • Ha - it is if you don't know how!

    What was misleading me was that in Drambo was a Multi-Out template. So I just assumed Drambo needed to run a MultiOut project for this to work. But it doesn't at all.

  • That’s news to me too, re: running multiout from a ‘regular’ Drambo instance.

    i will get around to making a video on this, most likely. I havent delved that far into multiout yet.

  • Yes but it will only work if you set up a host properly, and then go back into Drambo once loaded in the host, and reassign each track.

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    I think you've mixed things up a bit, because you don't mention Drambo (8 outs) in your description. The steps would be:

    1. Load Drambo (8 outs) into a channel of AUM. This will be Drambo output 1.
    2. In another AUM channel, select Multi bus audio unit instances, and select the offered Drambo. That will be output 2.
    3. Continue adding the other outputs.
    4. Load your Drambo project into the first Drambo instance.
    5. Update the project outputs (inside Drambo) to send to the different outputs.

    This is the process @TheInvisibleMan described.

    Edit: I looked back and saw this is exactly how @number37 replied to your previous question. You can create a project in stand-alone Drambo and load it (using Drambo's hamburger menu) to Drambo inside AUM. The project file doesn't know whether it's for stand-alone or AU Drambo. Maybe that caused your confusion.

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    Nah, it is super easy in fact I love it that Drambo standalone is basically the same as AUV3 and AUV3 is the same as AUV3 multitrack. At least to the user.

    I’ve just opened a non multiout project in multiout Drambo instance in AUM then simply routed tracks to ext outs 1-8. Then you create another track in aum and route whichever track you want into its input.

    If I say it’s easy it’s gotta be! I end up scratching my head for hours with most of @bcrichards patches before finally giving up 😂

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    @supadom nooooooo :O

  • I agree with Supadom, though I don't give up.

    There are four of you who come straight to mind as well as others.

    @rs2000 @aleyas @Horsetrainer and yourself.

    I'm not a beginner anymore but wow the stuff that you guys pull together....


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    Much appreciated and reciprocated.

    I humbly accept my limitations but some things just go over my head and my brain just refuses to engage after a while. That’s why I generally go for simpler things that have an immediate musical sense.

    You won’t believe how happy it made me 10 minutes ago to wire up all tracks’ chance modules to a single knob module on a main track = instant busy/not busy effect. Massive sense of achievement!!

    Although I wish @giku made those knobs on the humaniser modulatable too!!,

  • @supadom


    Thank you.

    @giku is amazing.

    What he's done with dRambo is awesome.

    As well as being inspiring, it makes me think

    and I really like the community vibe of dRambo.

    I also must add that my reply to your comment also includes @bcrichards

  • @supadom all in jest :) I’m a rambler for sure and there’s got to be an easier way to explain some of the patches.

    if you can really just take an old project and set it to external out from the track menu that’s great.

  • Your first step is wrong. You don't need to load an '8-outs' project at all. It can be any kind of project. You go back and re-route tracks to multi-outs after you've loaded the project into a multi-out host.

    It's brilliant.

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    You can.

    1. AUM
    2. Load old Drambo project into channel 1
    3. add multi-out instances of Drambo in subsequent AUM channels
    4. Go back into channel 1 'old project' Drambo and re-assign tracks to their multi-counterparts.

    Step 4 isn't possible UNTIL you're inside a multi-out host environment.

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    The thing that I like the most about your tutorials is your rambling!! :)

    I’m getting a bit lost here now between the two or three related threads here and the other one on the Audiobus forum. Is second part of your comment in answer to my comment in this thread? Can’t keep up!! 😬


  • Yes, the cross-forum posting and multiple threads on the same/similar topics are getting out of hand... I gave up! 😀

  • My bad guys. Sorry. Get a little post-heavy sometimes.

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