Flexisampler Loop Record

I have been trying out Flexisampler for the first time today after watching the Ben Richards Sampler tutorial on Youtube and have run into a couple of a problems when recording / resampling.

The first issue is with the routing of audio in Drambo. It is a little bit confusing. Ben records into Flexisampler by routing 2 tracks into a mixer and from there into a track containing the Flexisampler. I could not get this to work at all. I managed to get it done by routing the two tracks to the third (with the Flexisampler on) by using the "Audio to" in each source tracks, settings menu. Is this because I am following Ben's tutorial incorrectly or is it because the way track routing in Drambo works has recently changed? I see that in the version history (1.20) it says routing buses have been removed.

The second problem I am having is with Flexisampler pattern sync record mode. As far as I can tell the timing of the recording is way out. If I just record something as simple as a four beat kick drum pattern the first drum hit in the recording is cut off as if the recorder is delayed in its recording start.

I am unsure whether I am doing the routing for resampling incorrectly and if this is also what is causing the badly timed resampled recording?


  • It could very well be because track routing has changed somewhat. I do not know if you can use a mixer and route into the track signal input anymore.

  • The first bit of recording is truncated indeed @giku.

    Funnily, some of the initial transient can be found at the end of the loop-synced recording. They don't match up perfectly though.

    Using Flexi Record with Sync=Pattern and AN Kick with f=200Hz and shortest decay as input.

  • Thanks for reporting this! To be fixed ASAP.

    You will be able to select one of available system-wide audio inputs for recording in samplers. So you can select track as a source directly.

  • Sounds good, thanks!

  • Looking forward to the fix and better routing options @giku

    Thanks for the excellent tutorials @bcrichards

    Drambo is awesome!

  • Its not a problem with routing but with Flexi synchronization.. it skips some samples even when Flexi is on the same track.

  • There does seem to be a separate issue with routing though. I can get audio routed from a source to destination track by choosing "send to" on the sending track. However choosing "receive from" in the destination track does nothing. Is this a redundant feature?

  • I mention this one way back, glad its confirmed now 👍

  • Brilliant work @giku

    Will system wide audio outputs be implemented? Could be useful with a CUE button for DJ / performers.

    I know it is probably a big ask, but is there a way you could show us when we are in record mode more obviously? Perhaps a red border around the edges of the app? I keep tweaking stuff and then realizing I've recorded p-locks when I never meant too.

  • Audio outputs are already implemented in Multi out AU. You mean standalone mode? Its yet to come.

    Good point about REC, how about a blinking REC icon? Would it help?

  • Yes standalone. Some sort of cue button to route a track (or module) to headphones on multi output audio interfaces would be awesome.

    Blinking could be more noticeable for recording. It just needs to be a bit more obvious. I will probably get used it as it is a workflow thing :)

  • Blinking red record be great, not to fast as to be distracting

  • Implemented on beta.

  • @giku The flashing record button is a little bit more noticeable but I do still keep recording p-locks when I didn't intend to. The biggest problem when I do this is that newly recorded p-locks are combined with any previous ones. It is a real pain to go in and manually remove them without effecting other p-locks. It would be great if we could have layers of p-locks. Each time record is enabled and new p-locks are recorded a new layer could be made. If I didn't want or like this new automation I could delete the layer without effecting previous layers.

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