Drambo Jambo - A little jam with my Drambo rig


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    That had me bopping for ten minutes.


    Loved the way you used dRambo for the flex.

    I could do with some tips in that direction.

    Wicked vibes.

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    Cheers @Gravitas I’ve subbed to your impressive channel. Very polished.

    Listening to some of your quality tunes reminded me how with all the quantisation I completely forgot about triplets. I’ve requested midi binding for quantisation but it probably ended at the bottom of the barrel. I wander if there is an optimum quantiser that will capture only the ‘right’ notes without squaring it all to 16th or 32nd division. I have a diagnosed math phobia but would adding 32 division quantisation allow for triplets or do some of them get missed? How are you tackling this live or is this at all an issue?

    Maybe there is a case to be made for a quantisation intensity slider? @giku

    It’s interesting that I don’t have the fear of laying unquantised audio loops yet I’m apprehensive about midi. Probably it’s just a question of practice, but latency, however small can mess with my head like crazy where when I play bass with my band I have to issues to just get in there.

    Great keyboard playing by the way!

    As for my set up....do you have any specific questions?

    BTW Giku’s just made mute only to mute the sequencer in the latest update so one can still improvise while the given track is muted. I think this one’s massive for live use.

  • Cool, enjoyed it a lot... I'm always against solos but this one I really liked, worked very well... 👍

  • Thanks man, much appreciated.

    Like yourself I'm currently seeing how dRambo interprets triplets.

    I don't perform live with an iPad or computer, it's going to be a challenge for me.

    Quick background, I used to be a pro live session musician on all the

    instruments I play so I'm used to the immediacy of a live band or ensemble.

    D.A.W's have always been freelance production work, writing and composition tools

    so there hasn't been any impetus for me to learn how to do this stuff live until now.

    I hear you with quantisation and the live loops and phrases.

    A quantisation slider would be great.

    I don't have any specific questions right now because I'm sound sculpting at

    the moment but after seeing your fluidity ? I can learn from that in the future.

    Glad you liked the keyboard playing.

    Yeah, like yourself I'm keeping up with the updates.

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