when the cascades arise

Went for something a little different this time: art as a war of ideas...


  • I like the Jordan Peterson sample, seems appropriate at this time. Are the musical samples things you recorded? Not that it matters because it's the processing that makes this track.

  • Thanks. For this piece it’s mostly sample chops based. I do have a synth or two from Drambo sprinkled in for good measure. Thanks for watching and commenting. 👊🏼™️

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    yes, I'm not one to add speech in my little creations anymore but I relate to the concern of the past repeating itself. There is no stopping that since the hearts of men are both good and evil.

  • Thanks for giving it a listen. It was definitely a new direction for me which taught me a few things.

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    I bet, you can imagine the pressure that famous Artists have from modern social interactions. Spoken words generate reactions as people interpreted them very differently from each other. Music is a higher language which noone can put into words.

  • Great track.. Reminds me Solar fields or Carbon based lifeforms.

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    @echoopera I love your tunes, but peterson's frog voice and even more jarring was the pseudointellectual word salad rant on cultural marxism. nails on the chalkboard throughout an otherwise lovely track.

    Sorry to get political here but JP is a propagandist who really gets my goat. He's a self help guy who also peddles in alt-right memes. His wild fear mongering: that somehow using a person's preferred pronouns is the slippery slope that will lead to an inevitable postmodern marxist takeover of western societies and lead to a rupture in the proper Christian order is moral panic to the maximum.

    despite his self help telling others how to live a proper life, he nearly killed himself by eating a diet of literally only beef and benzos for the last few years.

    Presenting ideas as a "war" certainly doesn't help anything. It crushes discourse and the ability to find nuance in ideas. Ideas are not inherently good or evil. The way he throws "marxism" in there like some kind of scary word is laughable.

    again, apologies.. I wanted to listen to your track but his kermit voice and bad faith arguments got in the way. I hope you stick to non-propaganda music, especially in these already polarized times. I really do love your recordings!

  • Thanks for the comments. Maybe next time I’ll just record a conversation between Joe Rogan and his guest.

  • And this is the reason I'm not on social media. Can we stick to music here? There are plenty of other outlets for people to discuss their political beliefs.

  • if someone posts incendiary, political art, you can't be too surprised when people have a reaction to it. If I posted a piece on a public forum with samples an extremely controversial and divisive figure, I would expect some pushback.

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    Yeah it’s been an interesting moment for sure.

  • Nothing wrong with art being polarizing. I find it strange for peers to tell others to stay away from making a certain art form/Style just because they don’t like it. What is controversial to one is normal to another. Tolerance should be expected on a forum populated by creative people who will explore many different ideas.

  • I’ll repost from what i said elsewhere after a great discussion:

    I love the measured and coherent responses from everyone. I honestly wasn't sure where the track would end up after posting, but it was for me a clear understanding of the medium and the message being a virus of sort (language being a virus from Outer Space as Burroughs alluded to).

    What was presented was a contained message which spread in to many areas of discourse...revealing the inter-connectedness of our species, and the ability we have to create bridges of common understanding when we apply ourselves. When one thinks laterally, the Gaia Principle in nature can emerge and resonate beautifully in logic, rationality and understanding.

    So thank you everyone, and blessings to you all.

    When we witness the shadow, we might finally see ourselves within the darkened corners of our unconscious, and the revelation which arises from this encounter can profoundly change our understanding for the better, if we but allow the light to come back in and return us to the world, broken, yet healing and with a greater understanding of who we are as a species...

  • Unfortunately we don't live in a tolerant society. We live in an increasingly authoritarian society with a very vocal minority that want to silence all opposing viewpoints because they feel like they are somehow intellectually and morally superior to other people. I wish they would keep their grandstanding to Twitter but I guess there is no place that is safe any longer unless people stand up and push back.

  • lol! A bit hyperbolic there, eh? if you are by chance referring to my comment where I said I loved the track but didn't care for the intolerant and divisive message embedded within it, then you've truly gone out of your way to mischaracterize what I wrote. really reachin' there with the authoritarianism stuff.

    It seems you're not incredibly tolerant of opinions that might differ from your own? or perhaps only positive reactions are allowed? No critical feedback allowed? ok. I give up.

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    I don’t think he was referring to your comment. I didn’t see it that way at least. I think he was making a more general statement about the online twitter culture in general.

    civil discourse and rational debating is something missing in this day an age. It’s kind of sad because having a sensible discussion of opposing viewpoints is the only path toward any real progress and understanding. We have to know where we came from in order to know where we should go...sort of opinion here.

    ideas have potential and should be unpacked and examined for what they are proposing and if determined to be useful and beneficial for a people and society can be leveraged to move a society forward.

    we are quick to judge these days because it is how we are being programmed. If we spend any amount of time online we are at risk of being controlled, so i find value in understanding different viewpoints to force myself to wake up and see the truth in the shadows if you will.

  • Agreed.

    If I were not to question I would know nothing.

    I know nothing so therefore I need to question.

  • No, I wasn't I relying to your comment. I was replying to the other user who I quoted. I agree everyone has a right to their opinion. I've been reading this thread and one on another forum where he posted this track. He posted the track in sub forums dedicated to showcasing musical creations and both threads have turned into discussions from people who disapprove of his use of that sample. I just think there is a time and place for everything and not everyone wants to hear a bunch of strangers political views in a forum post about music. If I'm wrong for that opinion than fine, I'll see my way out.

  • I agree also with your perspective.

    Both the AB Forum and this forum are filled with people who are trying

    to escape the incessant barrage of pointless arguing and the rest of it.

    Most of us need to simply create, discuss apps and play.

    I do believe that politics and art should be discussed

    but it should be clearly stated that we are going to discuss politics and art

    so that we don't just walk into an online equivalent of a bar fight for no reason.

    Everyone's got their back up at the moment and understandably so.

    These are troubled times so we do need to talk about very serious

    issues but as you've said, there is a time and place for everything.

    Right now I personally want to be talking about dRambo,

    compositions, remixes and what are your favourite biscuits with tea or coffee.

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