Drambo sync to hardware


I'm trying to slave Drambo to my Digitakt but not having a lot of luck. All MIDI clock and transport messages are turned on in the Digitakt and sync in Drambo is set to host. Are there any other settings I need to look at?


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    i dont think drambo has midi clock? Youll need to use Audiobus or maybe beatmaker 3 to slave drambo via midi clock me thinks. The others can correct me if im wrong.

    AUM can be the midi master clock but not slave.

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    Drambo in Audiobus should work, with Audiobus slaving to the Digitakt clock. If you want Drambo to be in AUM, then host AUM in Audiobus and let Audiobus bridge midi clock to Link to drive AUM.

    It's easier to go the other way round though. AUM as the master, hardware as the slave, but its understandable when people don't want to go that direction.

  • Ok thanks. Will try out audio bus

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