Either/or step components

We have random execution of components but we don’t have an “else condition.” It’d be nice if we could have a step play either an A or a C but not both.


  • Thanks. That works for single notes but not so much for chords. I also (re)learned that the first jump is effectively the else in a chain of random jumps. So confusing to have different behaviors for the same visual representation.

    I think that using a similar visual metaphor as the layers module would be quite useful and clearer. Something like this where [] represents a step component and () represent nested sequences of components one of which is selected.

    [ Random ( [ D ] [ F ] [ A ] ) ( [ F ] [ A ] [ C ] ) ] [ Cycle2 ( [ plock1 ] ) ( [ plock2 ] ) ]

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    yeah, chords and conditions are odd - I only use cycle on chords for that reason.

    there is room for improvement here I guess.

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    It would work if you could group step components or if Chords are automatically considered a group

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