Non-destructive scene p-locks that do not return to the original value

edited August 1 in Feature Wish-lists

Currently, any p-locked parameter will return to its original value when switching or morphing to a different scene, even if that parameter is not p-locked in the other scene.

This is not always what I want.

Say I have scenes A and B changing oscillator sound, C and D changing filter behavior and E and F changing pitch and scale. Currently, I cannot use them independently.

If there was an option to always keep p-locked parameters on their last position if they are not p-locked in the scene I have switched to, I could have independent morphs on different areas without one destroying the other.

I could always add scenes that explicitly reset some or all selected parameters to their original values if I needed that.


  • I’ve talked with JJ about having an option for Scene behaviour to be the same as Octatrack (scenes overrule p-locks in OT.....generally more fun/useful this way imo). It’s on the To Do pile :)

    The behaviour you mention sounds useful as another setting too.

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