Select Next/Previous Track via MIDI?

Is it possible to move the track selection up or down from an external controller like a BlueBoard? What I’d like to be able to do is map one button to select next track and one for previous track. Once there, I would like to engage/disengage record on a Flexi sampler loaded on each of those channels, and one to clear the loop in the Flexi sampler. This would enable me to record loops on any number of tracks with just the four buttons.

Possible? Or is there perhaps a better way?


  • I can always do up a quick Mozaic script to manage this, but always prefer to use native methods when possible.

  • +1 for MIDI-mappable previous+next track buttons.

    This would require one change though:

    Being able to map the same MIDI note/CC message to multiple controls while only the active track would receive controller data.

    As long as the track receive channel is set to "Active track", that should work.

    My guess is that currently, track MIDI input and MIDI controller input are handled separately and MIDI controller data is always received globally (and that's OK in most cases).

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    Thanks @rs2000 yeh, after looking at it further I came to the same conclusion. Midi mappings are global and independent from active track settings. I don’t especially see how it could be different since there’s no telling what will be on each channel. Unless maybe there was a global “macro” unit of some kind to act as an intermediary.

    So, for now I set up a Mozaic script that sends on different channels in response to the up/down buttons. Tracks 1-8 are mapped to a CC on their corresponding channel, as are the rec and remove buttons on each channel’s Flexi. I can now select channel, and start/stop record with the foot switches. It’s a pretty darn good looper.

    I’m still interested if anyone has suggestions how to do it better.

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    Hm, the problem is you don’t have enough free buttons on the controller to select 16 ch ?

    hm, that creates the weird situation that these track up down buttons are kind of pointless in the app itself

    map ch to midi notes you don’t use , c7 or something?

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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, not many foot controllers have 16 buttons, and there are more functions needed on those buttons than just selecting the channel as well.

    It's cool, this is something better handled with an external script I believe. It would take a pretty fundamental change to the midi mapping functionality to do otherwise. It almost took less time to script than to write the post anyway. 😉

    I just wanted to ask in case I was missing something because not everyone is up for writing scripts to get things done.

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    Ah, it’s a foot controller

    i get it now , I over read that, sorry

  • No problem. I appreciate you taking the time. 😎

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