Flexi Sampler features (useful in my specific use case)

There are a few features in Flex Sampler, available on Octatrack, that would be awesome to see in Drambo.

Speaking of my use case — I currently use Drambo as a DJ mixer with looper, where one "deck" is a live signal and another one is a loop. I sample the loop of the live signal, then quickly move the crossfader to replace the live signal with the recorded loop. After that I change the track being played live on my hardware and blend in the new track by moving the crossfader back. I have similar workflow set up on Octatrack and here are a few features that would be really helpful in Drambo:

  1. Time Stretch: new track sometimes has a different bpm. This instantly results in hickups in the end of the recorded loop, as it becomes either short or long. So now I have to keep the same BPM throughout the set of change it only when live track is playing.
  2. Disable overdub: I have to press Clear, then Record every time now. Overdub doesn't make sense in this specific case. Would be great to disable overdub completely when needed.
  3. Proper fades with crossfade: if I understand correctly, in current implementation start and end of the sample are faded in and out during playback (not recording) when corresponding values are set. This may be an ok solution to reduce clicks on waveform loop, but it still generates a tiny gap in resulting waveform. Each channel on Octatrack in mono, so it's the only possible implementation there. But Drambo is polyphonic, so it can do better. There is a proper implementation of loop fades on Synthstrom Deluge — the looper actually records a sample that is a few milliseconds longer, applies fades to it but due to polyphony, when the end of the loop is fading out a new instance of the loop already fades in. Start and end fades overlap in this case, creating a seamless loop. Setting longer fades would even allow looping samples that have reverbs or modulations applied, as crossfade of start and end would cover up the transition.
  4. Predefined record length: different tracks need different loop lengths. I usually record either 1, 2 or 4 bars. My current workaround is to have three different Flexi Samplers, that have pre-recorded loops of specific lengths, so pressing REC gets me a sample of needed size on a specific recorder. But I end up with picking which output to use and this is confusing in live performance. Would be great to have an option to select predefined loop length when recording.
  5. Bar sync: There is a pattern sync option now, but in case of a 4-bar pattern playing on the machines, I usually want to start recording the loop at the beginning of a new bar, not wait until all 4 bars loop, as it doesn't matter where the loop "glue point" will be. It would be great to have bar sync as an option.

I hope you'll find some of my ideas useful. Thank you for the great product.


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