Midi sync problems

I'm trying to sync Drambo to my Digitakt.

DT sends midi clock and transport over USB and when in AUM/Audiobus, Drambo syncs.

But as soon as I launch Drambo separately, it doesn't, even though I change clock to "Host" in Drambo.

Am I missing some parameter setting somewhere?


  • Is this something one should expect to be the case also in the future? I really have no use for Audiobus other than for this function, so I would prefer not adding yet another app to my iPad.

  • According to the latest update description if my memory serves me, Link has been added. Is MIDI still coming? Will it be both as master or slave? I'm aware of workarounds and own MIDI Link Sync, etc. Personally I use the AUv3 in a synced host, but I am looking for a native solution on someone else's behalf.

    Thank you.

  • There is no reason not to implement both clock master and slave as long as we don't have many linear audio tracks that all have to be time stretched after tempo changes. When working with hardware, both can be necessary.

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    Trust me, if 'load it in audiobus' was an answer that worked, I wouldn't still be asking, lol. As I said, I use the Auv3 synced in a host. I am asking because native midi sync in standalone is unfortunately the only thing that will allow me to stop asking if/when it's going to happen. Yes, that may seem stupid, and yet...here I am lol. But thanks for the suggestion in any case. I gifted my friend and bought it for myself on release day. He doesn't have a host. He doesn't want a host. But he will happily use it when the stand alone has midi sync. Disagree all you want, I kind do too. But he has his workful, and it works for him, and I'm not going to argue with that. I'm not complaining either, just looking for an honest info update. I'm just bummed he isn't getting use out of it, because he can't sync it, and isn't gonna buy nor want to use audiobus. Rather treat it like a piece of hardware. Whenever he ask's I tell him 'maybe next update'; and Link support is a step towards that...maybe. Or maybe it's no longer on the road map. I'd just like to be able to tell him which.


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