Racks with multiple output ports

edited August 26 in Feature Wish-lists

Like in the mixer, it would be great to have a rack in which I could add multiple outputs to which I can freely route any signal from inside the rack.

A similar thing has been requested already in regards of gate signals, but why not do that in a generally useful manner.

I've stumbled over this limitation several times now, it's also a reason why I often avoid racks...

I'm working on a new guitar effect currently in which I plan to use different racks that can be combined but again, that's impossible because I cannot access control signals or audio signals from inside a rack. In fact, I would have to duplicate the same section from inside the rack to generate the same control or audio signal again, which is obviously not very elegant.

Edit: The same basically applies to rack input ports whenever I need a rack with e.g. audio inputs and control inputs.


  • i think this has come up before and giku has said he’s into it. Configurable inputs AND outputs for racks would be huge and would allow for essentially the creating of macro-modules.

  • Yes, there will be this kind of rack.

  • I was bumping into this this morning. I am building delay arrays and want to grab output from some of the individual delays to use outside the processor that contains them. I’d also love for there to be multiple inputs.

  • Hear, hear!

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