Drambo as MIDI FX in NanoStudio 2

Drambo doesn't show up in the plugins list for external MIDI effects in NS2. I had assumed this was NS2's fault, but I saw that the recently released version of miRack with MIDI out does show up and works correctly. Can this be addressed?


  • It's the same in AB3. Drambo (MFx) appears in the FX menu for an audio lane, but Drambo does not appear in the FX for a MIDI lane. Nurack and miRack do appear as MIDI FX, so they're OK. It's about how the app specifies its capabilities as a synth, audio FX, MIDI FX, etc.

  • It's about how the app specifies its capabilities as a synth, audio FX, MIDI FX, etc.

    I guess that's it!

  • @giku is this something that can be easily fixed, like some config parameter, or is there something specific to Drambo that would prevent it from supporting this?


  • @giku I'd like to bring this up again. Wouldn't it be possible to list Drambo as a MIDI effect too?

    I had no luck using it as a MIDI processor, neither in Cubasis or in Nanostudio 2 😢

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    I remember bram refusing to do this on his Rozetta app for some technical reason, or maybe because it didnt make sense as it was already set up as an audio au.... anyhow the developers of nanostudio/cubasis should take responsibility and sort this type of compatibility out.

    drambo is an audio and midi app so it is set up correctly.

  • Unfortunately nothing has changed for ages on the Cubasis and Nanostudio side - Drambo still cannot be used as a MIDI effect.

    I think the issue with brambos' plugins was that listing them as MIDI FX too would duplicate all of them, ending up with a list of 20 instead of 10 plugins.

    I don't think that would be an issue with Drambo but not being an AUv3 developer, I can only guess.

  • I just feel this should be handled by the developers of cubasis and nanostudio. It doesn't make sense to duplicate applications when it works as it should already.

    drambo is an audio application

  • Sure they should - fact is they don't and Drambo is a MIDI application as much as it is an audio application.

  • yes it is also midi but combined with audio so it is set up correctly,

    Its not a drambo issue, plenty of other Drambo tasks to follow up on instead of fixing issues which is in the domain of other developers.

  • @giku Do you have an idea how to solve this? Is there a reasonable way of making Drambo appear as a MIDI-only effect in DAWs like Cubasis, Beatmaker 3 and Nanostudio 2 too, like miRack does?

  • Yes, there is no MIDI Processor plugin type, only Music Effect that works with audio and MIDI (the most universal format).

    I think that it will be faster on my side :) MIDI processor will be added soon.

  • Thank you very much! I'm sure you're faster, can't wait for Cubasis 4, NS3 and BM4 😅

  • Deepest thanks for addressing this issue, @giku I am embarrassed to admit that I emailed you about it this summer while you were on holiday and I never followed up. The ability to use Drambo as an amazing step sequencer inside of Cubasis would be incredible.

  • Woooo! @giku is the best. Rocking Drambo as a MIDI sequencer in Cubasis 3 is very naice!

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