Are there any multi-input AUs?

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My multi input MFx receives empty buffers when testing in AUM. While Jonatan is not responding.. :) do you know any audio units or hosts that I can test this functionaity with?


  • mirack has Multi inputs in AU, not sure if its live or just beta, Dev is pretty nice so he can give you a copy.

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    Ok testing this.. it works, but my aufx receives silent buffers.. Digging

  • Mirack au works great with multi inputs on my ES8

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    @giku, a lot of the miRack code is open-source and on GitHub. Maybe there's something there that can help.

    [edit ... actually, it just looks like forks of some of the plugins and some Linux stuff is open source. Probably not much help.]

  • Yes he took vcv open source code, but ios core part is not. Im trying to reach Jonathan

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    @giku is this still being looked into? I dream regularly about using Drambo to sequence my Tanzbar, have Drambo process the Tanzbar's outputs, and then have Drambo multi-out a few busses for AUv3 mastering. If its not on the roadmap in near future that's cool, I'll dream up another path :)

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