Peaking EQ Modulation

Are there plans to add modulation to the Peaking EQ?

I’d like to key track the frequency especially.


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    No, this module is designed as a CPU efficient static processor. But... you may built a modulatable one by yourself, just use Band Pass Filter (and or other filter) and mix outputs with dry signal.

  • Ok, thanks for the reply and work around. As a user it’s easy to think adding modulation is just a quick fix without worrying about the CPU.

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    This is a good point. A CPU efficient EQ is very important, sometimes I'm using a lot of EQs as custom static resonators and in that case, the lower the CPU load the better.

    However, I have missed EQ modulation as well. And indeed I've used band pass and notch (which acts as a rather limited band reject filter with appropriate bandwidth settings) filters to get that function.

    It works quite well, I'm only missing a wider bandwidth in the notch filter so it can be used as a Band Reject too. Or maybe @giku would prefer to add a separate BR12 filter with more bandwidth range?

    I'd be totally fine with an extended bandwidth in Notch12 (the name says it anyway) and Notch12 from older projects would show up in the new Notch12 module with corrected bandwidth setting so that previous projects still sound the same.

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    Im considering a Bandwidth filter module with a modulatable Width knob. Basically its a set of 2 filters: LPF and HPF. It may work in bandreject mode

  • Hmm.. this could be a Filter module modes, where resonance controls base-width.

  • Good point, both with and without affecting the base width can be useful (avoiding the necessity to mix direct and filtered signal afterwards, depending on the scenario). I'd generally like more options in the module header menu, like in the oscillator. Such details like antialiasing modes (or, in case of the filter, base bandwidth vs. peak resonance behavior) would be very useful and they'd also help reducing CPU because only one of the algorithms would be active at one time.

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