Is it possible to record a stereo signal into Drambo while in AUM?

Fairly simple question, so I hope someone can tell me I am missing something obvious: is it possible to record a stereo signal into Drambo while in AUM? In other words, can I sample in stereo?

I have a simple two channel interface receiving a stereo signal and I would like to sample that into the Flexi Sampler, but I can’t seem to make stereo happen.

thanks in advance! I am having so much fun sequencing my newly acquired Korg NTS with Drambo (p locks FRW!) and sampling it into Drambo! 😊


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    Yes I believe you can, its just the flexi sampler is a bit weird. At first in record and monitor the signal shows as mono. I found out that of you load a sample then the signal shows as stereo.

    its pretty confusing.

    mmmm maybe it is mono.

  • Thank you so much @TheInvisibleMan, I was able to get it working with that tip.

    Has giku been alerted to this issue? If not, I can send him an email or tag him in this thread.

  • I wasn't aware of this. Fixing

  • In that case give Flexi the option to record Stereo, Mono (L+R) and Left/Right channel.

    If stereo in is the only record mode in AUv3 then in the editor add options to Keep Left, Keep Right and Mix L&R and in the case of mono source option to duplicate the channels.

    I mean it's kinda annoying to waste space when AUM automagically creates a 'stereo stream' of a mono source like seriously?!

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    Another suggestion: Please add a choice of sampling rates, not only the common ones but also very low rates like 50, 100, 200, 500Hz for recording longer controller movements without wasting too much disk space. I'm thinking about recording scratch wheel movements which can come in at MIDI rates up to and above 500 CC messages per second, or any knob movements from any MIDI controller.

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    It works and I can't reproduce any issues...

    My test case:

    • I don't have stereo input, so I added a stereo AU Instrument (Drambo / Sunrizer)
    • Added Drambo AU Filter below, then added Flexi sampler (AU instrument has no audio inputs)
    • Recorded both Ext. In 1 and Module input
    • Recorded sample was a proper stereo

    Are you sure your audio input sends stereo signal?

  • @giku Thank you for noticing this thread.

    The interface is a Zoom U-44 and I was most certainly using it in stereo (the NTS has some damn nice stereo effects and as soon as I started monitoring through the samplers in Drambo it collapsed the signal to mono).

    I tried various things, including sampling into Drambo as an MFX in AUM and standalone, and the only time I was able to get a stereo signal was when I tried @TheInvisibleMan’s trick.

    I will try and provide more details later when I have more time and can give you step by step details (what other tracks in the multi-out AUv3 are doing, etc.). As you know I am at the mercy of small creatures. :) Hopefully others can respond with their experiences in the meantime.

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    Its not a trick.. When input is mono, Drambo records at mono. When you load stereo sample, clear it and then overdub (overwrite)... Stereo buffer is used, but as the same buffer is written to LR stereo buffers, final audible result will be monophonic.

    Could you try with something that generates true stereo signal, e.g. another Drambo and Supersaw with Stereo set to max (obvious check).

  • it works with stereo, the issue is its confusing as the amp output is stereo until you add the flexi sampler module which turns the amp out to mono hence confusing the audience.

    indeed once you record with the flexi sampler the recording is stereo. It would be clearer if the amp output stays stereo when you add the flexi sampler module.

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