Playing the Unison Module in Poly using "Voice Layers".

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I previously posted about setting up (What I call) "voice layers" on a different thread. Link Here.....

I wanted to see if I could use the voice layer technique and use the new Unison Module polyphonically.

It works 🙂

For this test I set up 8 layers in a layer mixer, copied a synth to each layer (adding variation to the setting for each synth). Then set up the Unison Module on each layer configured to get its Note and Gate signals thru Voice Selector Modules.

Note that the I'm using Voice Selector Modules in pairs on each layer. One module handles Notes, the Other the Gate. The Voice Selectors are set with voice numbers that corresponds with the layer numbers. The Midi to CV Module is set to 8 voice poly.

For this test I set each Unison Module to 8-voices. I tested this setup by playing eight notes on the Drambo keyboard in Hold mode. No notes dropped during my test.

@giku @rs2000 Apparently this is equivalent to playing 8X8=64 voices simutainiously??

Anyway, the result is really cool and Drambo rocks!

Here's a Video of the experiment.....


  • Great tip! btw. there is a hard limit for number of voices: 8 and unisono module doesn't multiply this. This value will be extended soon.

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