Scale modes for keyboard

Most software and hardware just use regular keys for melodic input. But a lot of modern electronic artists aren't that good with keys, even when they know the musical theory.

I myself have quite complex classical pieces composed and I do understand the theory and physics behind music. But when it comes to keys, the piano layout is just a bad UI if you haven't invested years in playing the real thing.

There are many cool approaches to this problem, like Ableton Push's scale mode, Launchpad Pro, different isomorphic keyboards and it would be cool if something like this would appear in Drambo some day.

But I understand there should be a simpler way from the development standpoint if we want to be realistic about the implementation any time soon :)

So at least adding some kind of settings button to current keyboard, that would allow to select key and scale out of the main ones, would be awesome. When the user selects a scale, keys on the keyboard may just show as white ones, with tonic key in each octave highlighted. Would be great if each scale degrees would be hinted on the keys themselves.

Can't wait to put a minor blues bassline over natural minor pads the way I like it.


  • If scales are going to be supported in the future then I would like to also see a simple one octave keyboard on which the active keys can be selected (toggled). It's so much faster than browsing through endless yet incomplete lists of preset scales.

  • for scales and other stuff (non repeating octave)

    the only white keys layout in surizer works best

    any other layout gets me knots in my brain when I try to play it ^^

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