iOS 14 is out tomorrow, is it safe to migrate?

Can we just update or will it break anything in Drambo?

Are there any problems with AUM/Audiobus and Drambo with iOS 14?


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    Yes there are issues for some with AUM, greyed out AU icons, AUM crashes when you remove audio device and does not autosave in this scenario. Its a issue on AUM’s side but effects all AU’s being hosted by AUM.

  • Drambo works, but its not recommended. Wait at least until 14.0.1

  • the dot zero release is usually just to drive the new devices, not well tested on old devices

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    This is a good time to (re)check your auto-update settings. Some updates change your defaults to turn it back on. With iOS 13.7 we now have the option to disable downloads as well as installs. Actually, I'm not sure what update introduced that, but I'm very thankful for it. Gone are the days of installing an update just because it was taking up needed space from a download that I didn't want.

    Also, if you're not on 13 yet, but not wanting your next upgrade to be to 14, then now is the time to do it. 13 won't be available much longer.

  • thanks for the heads-up, everyone!

  • iPadOS14.2 Beta 1 is already out.

    So I do wonder how many 'regular' updates we'll get before it's out...

  • Some more good news, AUM beta now loads the AU icons correctly. We are getting there.


  • State loading still broken in 14.2 beta 1 :(

  • Ahhh I see..... I stopped beta testing for apple. I won’t do it again

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