MIDI controllable N-segments waveshaper

Each slider represents one point, that may be controlled by a separate MIDI slider / knob. Each slider output is fed to a separate N-1 switch input. If you set Switch mode to X-Fade and connect Index to a source signal it starts working as an N-segments waveshaper.


  • Crazy idea! I love it.

    Although I'm still more in love with sweet Graphic Shaper 😋

  • Try this with modulated knobs!

  • I just figured out that if I run the CV from "each" Slider/Knob through its own Mono to Poly module before inputing into the N-1, I can get poly out of this waveshaper.

    If I use the output of the Graphic Shaper to control the index, I can get more complicated waveforms.

    Modulating the knobs sound like fun...

    Lot of amazing possibilities for playing with sound using the N-1 and the 1-N ! 😊

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