Voice control of N-1 switch

I discovered that the Voice Number Module can be used in combination with a Knob Module to control the index of an N-1 switch so each press of a key will sequentially cycle the switch through its connections.

I built three synths and ran them into five N-1 inputs. The Midi to CV is then set to Five so it matches the number of switch inputs.

The challenging part is adjusting the modulation from the Voice Number Module so the knob output will cycle the switch through all the voices properly.

I made a quick video of what I was working on while using this method. Please forgive that i forgot to turn off the quantization and F'ed up the timing of what I thought was a pretty good improv jam.

@giku Do you think there could be a way to add a setting to the Voice Number module so it will output actual CV and auto range between 0 and 1 CV depending on the set number of voices in the Midi to CV module. That should make it easier to use voice numbers to control the new switch modules.



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    I totally thought this was going to be about using your actual voice to move through the switch like "Next, next, next" haha.

    Though I suppose one could do that with a transient detector > CV sequencer > switch index 🤔

    Back on topic, I like all your various techniques for managing synth layers though. I'd like to try this with some monophonic lines.

  • @aleyas That could be interesting for driving a vocoder.

    (As you may have noticed) I'm very interested in using polyphonic voice variation as an element of sound design. I became interested in this concept while studying the sound character of vintage analog synths that used multiple duplicate internal "sound cards", one card for each voice.

    By varying each voice I've been able to create sounds that I haven't been able to achieve by any other method.

    @giku I tried a bunch of other methods to see if I could get the new Switch Modules to cycle polyphonically by voice number. Of the methods I tried, using the Voice Number Module to modulate a Knob Module seems to be the only method that results in true polyphony. I'm guessing it must have something to do with that "invisible" output that the Voice Number Module generates....

    I think the Voice Number Module in the most mysterious Module in Drambo.

    I'm glad that it works even if it is difficult to set up.

  • Voice number sends integers values 0-7 for voices 1-8. So to get this working for switch I think you’d need to just divide voice number by the total number of voices, and use that as the index.

    Im using voice selector here only to demonstrate, as you cycle through voice selector, you’ll see the index change.

  • IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for providing the best solution! 😋

    I have a ton of voice number experiments I've been wanting to work on since April. With your solution and the new Switch Modules... I can finally start working on them.

    This is so cool... 👍️

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