Using Akai Fire for step editing and display feedback

Hi there,

I am waiting for an akai fire, I would like to know if it would possible to select steps and have them highlighted on the akai fire when a trig/plock is present on a given step, and also having the current step highlighted. You know like having a real electron with 64 steps a glance. It would give a lot better hardware feeling, feeling almost like an electron (quick ref to the iPad/elektron thread on audiobus).

Would that require a lot of work ? Something similar has already done for bitwig.


  • +1 for LED feedback.

    Since there is no MIDI learn for parameter feedback, this would require additional entries in the MIDI learn dialog that lets us specify in detail which values are to be sent.

    MIDI value feedback using note numbers and CCs are fairly easy to use and implement but if I was @giku, I would exclude controllers that require sysex messages for that.

  • I think I'll order an akai fire anyway :-)

    If that can be of any help :

    Seems to be a mix of sysex and cc unfortunately.

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    I think that supporting SysEx in the MIDI learn dialog would be asking @giku a bit too much. Adding MIDI feedback with note and CC messages would already be great and it would work with the majority of controllers.

    I wouldn't buy a MIDI controller that requires SysEx anymore except for a very specific hardware project including a Raspberry Pi or other embedded system.

    Of course, you can always have MidiFire or Mozaic running in the background to do that SysEx <> notes or CC conversion if you don't mind and it seems like you don't 😉

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    Yea I understand completely and I don't want to pollute to be roadmap with requests :-) it's just way beyond my understanding here.

    What devices would be supporting midi cc for feedback ? I am just looking for the ideal candidate ;-)

  • Launchpad Mini, Arturia Beatstep, Hercules Starlight all support either Note or CC messages for LED feedback.

    Launchpad uses note velocity for different colors.

    If you need 16 steps in a row, just put two Launchpad Minis next to each other.

  • But that all depends on future features in Drambo.

  • Feedback for LEDs etc would be really great.

  • Absolutely! 😃

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