Sound file player for looping non rhythmic clip?

Hi, I think this is my first post here! Looooooving Drambo so far!

I'm basically trying to load a sound file of various radio static of about a minute and have it just play constantly in the background with no sync. I've tried it with the various sampler modules, but I want something that just drones with no trigger. Any ideas?


  • You could use Flexi or Sampler, and use a Trigger module to manually trigger the sample. It will continue to play out on Flexi, and on Sampler you could simpler turn sustain to INF.

    Alternatively, you could use a Knob, turned right, set as the trigger, which essentially turns it into a latch. For Loop mode this would work best. There will be a Latch midi module in an upcoming update.

  • Brilliant! I was just thinking something like this as I was logging in to check and see if there were any responses. I think having a background in modular synthesis is so crucial to getting the most out of Drambo. The Flexi Sampler and integrated sequencing is the first thing that drew me to this amazing platform. I tried to love the Elektron RYTM ll but ultimately sold it, learning some of it's special features along with an understanding of modular ties Drambo together for me.

  • Just set it up, works perfectly!

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    One thing I do notice is that I have to re-trigger the sample from time to time.

    Haven't tested it enough to document when or why it stops triggering.

    Not a deal breaker, I just need to remember to check from time to time.

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    For me it obviously stops when overdubbing or recording a new sample. Then Flexi needs to be retriggered.

    It would be cool if there was a "punch in" recording mode that allowed continuous playback while recording, or immediate playback after recording.

    I have a project I'm working on that I call 'tape loop studio' - basically trying to recreate the feel and workflow of using cassette tape loops on old 4 and 8 track recorders. The only thing getting in the way of a seamless experience is the need to manually retrigger Flexi after each loop is recorded.

    Maybe if there was like.. an 'end of record' or 'end of loop' trigger, which could be sent back via the feedback send. Could then trigger the Flexi gate input itself, or nudge the knob feeding the Flexi gate.

  • +1 End Of Record Gate & End Of Sample Gate outputs would be really nice in flexi (or Flexi v2) @giku :)

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