Audio level imbalance when using X-Fader or Mixer after effect.

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I don't know if this is a Known behavior, but I found it odd.

Below is example setup to reproduce behavior.

X-Fader is setup to receive audio from either AMP ENV or CHORUS and pass to track output. The odd part is when the X-fader is setup this way, adjusting it to the CHORUS side results in a sound level Many times louder than when set to the AMP side. Testing with Delay and Reverb effects gave same result.

Behavior is voice dependent. Setting to 1 voice produces normal volume. I also noticed some poly voice skipping when effect is set to stereo.

The odd thing is when making direct output connections from either AMP or Chorus, to Output. volume remains normal. I replaced the X-fader with both a Mixer and a N-1 Switch, and got the louder effect volume with those too.

I stumbled into this because I was going to use the new Switch Button as a simple way to turn the Chorus effect on and off via the X-Fader.

If the Chorus gets a modulatable Mix control I could use the Switch Button to control the Mix knob directly.

Seemed like an Odd behavior worthy of reporting.


  • Indeed, good find, adding the X-fader after the 1-voice chorus module seems to mess up voice management @giku.

  • Thanks! Fixing this.

    For now you can use Poly To Mono converter module before x-fader.

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