• Damn!!

    $3500 for the 5 voice, and $4300 10 Voice.

    Great great news for Prophet enthusiasts - but I'm still hot for the MatrixBrute 😎

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    I love the prophet 5 sound, you can make tons of really really great sounds with it. i cant afford it but boy im glad they brought it back. I remember playing one and its that moment when you go ‘ahhhhh thats why people spend silly money on these!’

    polybrute is also awesome and inspiring and i got my eye on that.

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    I'm wondering if the main reason for the rev-4 being released was to get infront of Behringer and release a clone of the classic, because a lot of people want that exact replica.

    The Prophet-6 is extremelly close and has extra features. I guess you don't get the EXACT filter recreations (and being able to switch between the two on the Prophet-5 rev-4 is dope). Actually I guess having 10 voices with the Prophet-10 will be appealing for some players. And the 5 octave keyboard...

    Maybe this'll lower the Prophet-6 prices even more. Though I will probably just stick to my Pioneer AS-1 😎.

  • Is a one big sweetspot, there are only just a few synths like this.

  • Imagine this with midi 2.0

  • What difference would MIDI 2.0 make "in real life" when writing songs?

  • I believe the new prophet 5 has usb midi and most of the control knobs are midi.

    so using with a daw this machine should have some nice high res control/automation with midi 2.0.

  • Good point. 7 bits for filter cutoff is really everything but smooth, especially when using the VCF as another oscillator.

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