REX / Apple Loops import

Hi Everyone,

Would the REX / Apple Loops import would be something achievable in the flexisampler ?

Rex is a harder format, but EG has managed to import the apple loops format in segments :-)

What do you think !!


  • Of course its possible, but later, when big things will be ready :)

  • REX would be cool but this could only happen if Propellerheads hand over their iOS version of the REX shared library to @giku.

    I have thousands of excellent REX loops and I can "only" use them in Gadget 😉

    As for Apple Loops, we would first have to find a reliable format description that works in other iOS apps too.

  • BM3 can 'export' AppleLoops. In practice it's an AIFF file with meta-data for the slice-points/transient markers and bpm & time-signature.

    I've lost track of beta/non-beta features of Auditor but I recall AppleLoops being part of it's export roadmap as well.

    (The release version might already have it, only got the beta installed).

    The AppleLoops that ship with Logic & GarageBand contain the same meta-data but are packeged as *.CAF (Core Audio File).

    So yeah, being able to read the slice-points from an AppleLoop could be handy but some may contain more slices than can be malled to 127 midi-notes.

    TimeStretched playback would be another 'issues' as the host would have to create a 'behind the scenes' midi file that triggers the slices when the users triggers the loop.

    For example iMPC Pro 2 does very 'rex-like' time stretching (ie. it does not stretch the sample, it triggers the slices using an embedded midi-file that triggers each slice).

    This is somewhat similar to using trackers and triggering the sample using the sample-offset command.

    REX also works like this but it sets the playback mode for each slice (ie. one-shot for short slices or ping-pong for longer slices).

    The way REX 'stretches' is easy to figure out by slowing down the playback to the extreme...

    Oh well, I'll be happy when Apple Loop support drops but it's not a super essential feature for me personally.


  • EG segments does Apple Loops import IIRC :-)

  • I've found REX parser on github, seems its doable :). Are apple loops important? :)

  • Same question for importance would got for 'acidiced' *.wav files ;)

    Not super duper important but good to have...

  • Apple loops more important than REX, IMO.

  • It would be great to find a way to include slice info in compressed (m4a) Apple Loops.

    Loop collections can grow big very quickly and MPEG4 audio has great quality even at rather low bitrates if using the iTunes encoder.

  • Some of the AppleLoops are already pretty compressed to save space and stored in a *.CAF 'container' :)

    (Multiple encoding formants can be used for the data stored in a *.CAF container even complete folder structures).

    Downside is that the *.CAF file format can cause headaches for some users...

    This one of the reason BM3 does not save AppleLoops as *.CAF files (it would not be possible to use the AppleLoops in BeatHawk as one example if they were *.CAF files).

  • @samu Have you found a compressed file (CAF or whatever container) that contains slice info?

  • I don't have any tools to scan for 'slice info' :(

    The provided afinfo shell command doesn't show transient data only format and compressed bitrate and number of channels etc.

    It could be that the host simply does the transient detection when loading the file?

    Don't have Xcode installed, it may provide additional tools for file manipulation.

  • @samu Cool, thanks!

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