Should I Keep My Prophet-12?

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A few months back I bought a Prophet-12 module to complement my django-sequencing setup. At the time I was running out of processing capiabilities on my iPad and was attracted to its features / fidelity.

Now though, I've decided to use two iPads connected via an iConnectAudio4+, one running (mostly) Drambo and one for mixing/processing/mastering/recording. I still plan to use some hardware (at least my Pioneer AS-1), but I'm limiting that as much as possible (partially because the iConnectAudio4+ only has 4 analog inputs).

The Prophet-12 does sound really great! Its engine is very beautiful but can also get really digital and gritty. But Drambo can do everything the P12 can, even if the P12 sounds more hi-fi. Its hard to rationalize keeping it when I can probably get back what I paid, and simplify my life. Especially because I want to perform my setup live, so less it more for that.

As its obvious, I'm leaning towards selling it, but I'm curious about anyone else's takes/experiences with these sorts of decisions.


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    I would say it depends on how inspiring the p12 is to you and also how much money you can get for it. They still are a pricy product so if you can get a reasonable price for it you could maybe invest this money into your rig.

    for me i only sell gear if im not using it.

    the ICA4+ is maybe the best bit of gear i ever bought. It allowed me to fully integrate my ipad/hardware and PC with both midi and audio.

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    Thanks for the thoughts! For the P12 the price has actually gone up slightly the past few months, so not a bad time to recoup my costs. I have used it some, but I feel the time I spend on it is time I'm not spending "mastering" Drambo. And I can jam on Drambo in bed and on my porch :).

    Great to hear about the ICA4+! I love the midi hub of theirs I have. Also love supporting a company from Calgary, where I went to school. Not many companies out of there. I'll probably wait until the ICA4+ comes in the mail and test it out, and then list my P12.

  • you sure dont want to drag that big & heavy thing around for live playing.

  • If you need any help on setting up the ica4+ let me know. It was overwhelming for me at the start but i would say now i am an almost an expert on this thing.

    However, Im not an expert on much else in life..... 😄

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    Yea! The module isn't HORRIBLE but it'll get me closer to being able to bike to my gigs 😁

    Much appreciated! I'm hoping with my experience with their midi hubs the learning curve will be less bad this time... maybe 😝

  • @quartzite I have the same experience with cloning hardware synths in Drambo.

    Yours is an old question that thousands of synth owners are asking themselves regularly (hardware vs software), most likely because there's no definitive answer.

    Hardware can feel great and great feeling can be inspiring.

    Connecting hardware, especially with iDevices involved can introduce a lot of pain, so in the end it's the mixdown and mastering process that will make the inspirational pain enjoyable ... or not.

    At present, getting music done has moved to iPad only (mostly) and playing hardware gear is a separate, inspirational and playful thing for me, always with an audio+MIDI recorder ready to grab new ideas.

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    I guess you will miss it much less when we get to the analogue filters in drambo :)

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    Definitely! That + better large patch navigation are the only things I'll miss really.

    Hah yea, its the constant debate :).

    I have hardware talking to iOS fairly ok, with an interface and an AUM project hosting fx-sends/mastering/a-few-synths. With my current setup, Drambo sends midi to the AUv3s to switch their presets, levels, etc. It works ok but every time I upgrade AUM/Drambo I break my old work. I've avoided one AUM project per song because its way too unstable to play shows (which is my main focus, even in these times...)

    My goal with this new setup is to separate the fx-sends/mastering from Drambo and make it more live. I mostly make noisy dance stuff, and I feel my work has been best when I can quickly mess with the processing atmosphere. I'll probably get another midi controller for my second iPad to make it even more immediate.

    Honestly I'm partially waiting for Drambo to allow inputs and multiple outputs at the same time so I can FX process my whole setup in Drambo. Until then I'm focusing on building full tracks in Drambo standalone.

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