Upper part a bit unresponsive on iPadOS 14 (12inch iPad Pro)

Something happened in the latest iPadOS 14 update that makes full screen apps (not showing the status bar) a bit unresponsive on the upper buttons.

You can see the behavior over here:



  • @giku This could be a classic case where the Drambo needs to enabled edge protection...

    Many iOS music making apps suffer from poor touch-response near the edges and the only solution is to enable edge protection...

    ZenBeats will get this in the next update, Cubasis and BM3 already implement it, AUM has it when the onscreen keyboard is used etc. etc.

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    @samu Edge protection is about blocking default behaviour of system gestures, so e.g. top edge sweep doesn't minimize the app, but shows additional indicator. Drambo has this since the beginning.

    While this may be connected, this issue is something different (unresponsive area on iOS14 only).

    @ahlstrominfo Thanks (btw. I can't answer your mail, seems you misspelled your address).

  • It could be an iOS/iPadOS 14 thing then since sometimes the indicator that shows up does not appear, instead the dock instantly pops up.

    If the dock has show up once, it will keep in showing up on up-swipe until I tap the rack-area, after that the indicator shows up.

    It's the same deal with the control center (top right). Once the dock or control center has been shown the response get's laggy.

    Tapping on the rack area resumes responsiveness, and the indicator returns...

    So yeah, iPadOS14 is full of these small 'issues' that I guess we'll have to live with...

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