Ableton Live 11 is here

A number of fun new devices, MPE recording/editing/modulation, Follow actions, Audio2Tempo.


  • Looks good! Im in the system so I preordered the upgrade.

    hopefully microfreak poly aftertouch can be recorded and edited in ableton now 👍

  • @TheInvisibleMan I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

    But I'm also surprised that you have both Ableton and Bitwig. Will Ableton 11 change your DAW preferences maybe?

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    Hihi, well thats the problem with these software thingys, you go one way and then the other comes back with the features you initially wanted. I have ableton suite so i think it makes sense to upgrade this time for the money. Im ok to spend the money knowing i get at least an up to date version for another three years or more.

    i have to say i didn't see this upgrade coming, i thought they might release a push 3 standalone machine first.

    to be honest I don't know which daw i will end up using in 2021 now hihi

    plus midi 2.0 is almost here and that is a .... game changer dare i say.

  • I didn't expect these new devices either - 2020, the year of spectral FX. Or does @giku secretly work for Ableton? 😉

    I can't stick to one DAW as well, although I'm definitely using Live much more than Logic.

    Maybe I'm not the only one and Push 3 couldn't run Logic? 😬

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    do you have the suite version? logic looks great too but i don't have a mac... maybe that's a good thing and one less DAW to think about.

    One DAW i never could get into is reaper, i thought maybe you like that due to its open ended nature? it allows people to design their own DAW set up in a way.... not for me.

  • Yes, Suite because even V10 already has quite a number of excellent instruments and FX, including physical modeling.

    Originally coming from Cubase I've only really started using Logic after version 8 when the UI and workflow had already been simplified quite a bit compared to the last v5 I had tried on Windows. It still has one of the best MIDI editors (piano roll, event list and detailed message editing), a deep MIDI environment, outstanding on-board instruments and synths and effects that are good enough for quality music production.

    Funnily, although I love Reaper for its outstanding features and performance, it has never really grown on me. Every time I launch it, I have to think again how to do this or that and it always feels like a creativity killer to me. A bit like Beatmaker 3. Can work well if you prepare good templates but I'm too much into new and spontaneous experiments as to rely on templates.

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