Add Track & Hold to the S&H module

edited November 2020 in Feature Wish-lists

Could the sample & hold module (misc) switch between T&H and S&H operation? Perhaps it could be added to S&H’s option menu (like the aliasing options in the vco). Or maybe a separate module would be easier. I think as a low level modular function T&H has a place in Drambo as a basic building block.

Fun fact: the circuit labeled ‘S&H’ on the MS-20 is actually a track and hold.

This is a variation of Sample & Hold. Both have two inputs – a gate signal, and a voltage reference signal – and a voltage output. When a Sample & Hold receives a gate high signal, it freezes and outputs the voltage reference coming into the reference input. This voltage is maintained until a new gate high signal; gate low signals are ignored. With a Track & Hold, when the gate is high, the reference input it passed along to the voltage output (this is the “tracking” phase); when the gate goes low, the input voltage at that instant is frozen and maintained at the voltage output until a new gate high signal is received.”


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