Cosmos Evolving Soundscape Effects Pedal

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Anyone know if something like this would be possible in our sacred tool?


  • :D

    You’re not giving away much... any specifics?

  • Sorry. Page threw an error and didn’t include link:

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    not really it’s a granular something and a looper ...

    Use a granular tool like iPulsaret

    it can modulate anything with its own lfo

    And put it through a weird delay rack that pleases you

    the pseudo granular playgrounds ppl have build in drambo don’t please me

  • wow... looks interesting...

    I would probably start with splitting the signal into few freq bands, each with various buffer modules for subtle random movement, spacing, echo, reverb...

  • @echoopera Do you have the time to draw a sketch of a block diagram? I've had a look at the manual and the information contained isn't much more than a rough description backed by modern voodoo 😁

  • Sound on sound loops made with a few delay modules would give you the basis of frippertronics. And then, having effects inside of feedback path, different modulations, reverse delay would able you to build your own personal version of this pedal.

  • Absolutely. With the recently added buffer modules, we got closer to the point of making our wild ideas come true.

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