How to view guide and app at the same time

It’s probably a daft question but how can I read the user guide and use the app at the same? IOW is the user guide available in a separate URL?


  • Drambo supports multitasking, so you can open the pdf and Drambo side by side.

  • Perfect! Thanks!

  • I shall attempt to make progress even though the manual and the software are out of sync, it seems. The manual talks about an “Oscillator (semi)”, but no such device is available to select. I’ll just have to make some intelligent substitutions, I guess.

  • We're here to help 😊

    The manual referred to the mormal "Oscillator" btw.

  • No, the manual I’m looking at, v1.11 btw, quite definitely refers to an “Oscillator (semi)” and it has a screenshot showing a list with different entries compared with what the actual software shows.

  • Yeah. The manual was written for the first release, on Drambo day, April 1, 2020. The updates since then have been huge; just check the AppStore version history. So, the current app doesn't "look" like the original, although it still works the same. It looks like the (now) normal osc. was originally termed "semi" because it tunes in semitones, not raw frequency. You can see when you load it that it has the same controls as the one in the manual.

  • Don’t get me wrong. It’s only mildly disconcerting at worst, and like I say, I can always make sensible substitutions to allow me to proceed. On the plus side, I notice with delight that some of the other apps on my iPad, which I had thought were strictly stand-alone, notably GeoShred, allow them selves to be embedded within Drambo 😉

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    AUv3 format is supported. Instruments, FXs, MIDI FXs & Generators. If your standalone app includes an AUv3 version it should work fine inside Drambo.

    Like mentioned above, the manual is fairly outdated, a lot has changed since... if in doubt, feel free to ask :)

  • This is a good question the OP asks. I suggest adding a pop-out link to the app or the manual, as this is something most first-time users will run into, and it is best to bolster the confidence of first-time users when given a chance.

    I also wonder about updates to the manual. How should one post corrections/suggestions? Is there a channel for doing this? Searching this forum for user manual only turns up this thread.

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